"For the first time, Lorca Massine, arm in arm with Anna Krzyskow and Cameron
Basden,have staged
Léonide Massine's ballets in Russia. This production has become
a great historical and cultural event in Moscow. Lorca succeeded in inspiring Bolshoi
dancers with his love and knowledge of Massine's choreography and it was a great
pleasure to work with him. Massine's ballets are loved by the dancers and are very
popular with the public. The choreography's impeccable classicism-Massine makes
use of and develops the best traditions of Russian, or rather Moscow Imperial Ballet-and
conscious  and consistent avant-gardism à la Diaghilev is disarming. I am convinced that
it is a very rich choreography full of unexplored potential... "
                                                     Alexei Ratmansky,  Director of the Bolshoi Ballet

"In 1988, Lorca Massine staged his father's most celebrated work, Gaîté Parisienne,
for American Ballet Theater.  Collaborating with designer Christian LaCroix, Mr. Massine
gave this ballet a new life. Along with imparting information gleaned from his father's
personal notes, Mr. Massine coached ABT dancers brilliantly, recreating the color
and spirit of the Belle Epoque."                                                                                 
                                                                                                  Mikhail Baryshnikov
Lorca Massine's  Full-length Ballets:
Ondine (Henze/La Motte Fouquet),
Mario and the Magician (Thomas Mann/ Visconti/ Manino),
Esotérik Satie (Erik Satie piano music),
Laudes Evangelii, choreographic mystery after Léonide Massine
(12th century music orchestrated by V. Buchi),
Fortepianissimo (Chopin),   
Streets the Musical,

Zorba (Katzantzakis/Theodorakis)

One-Act Ballet
Four Last Songs (Richard Strauss)

Lorca Massine is also available to stage the ballets of Léonide Massine.

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Born in New York, son of Léonide Massine,
Lorca Massine has studied and collaborated
with the greatest choreographers of our time:
Balanchine, Béjart, and Léonide Massine.  
He has inherited his father's penchant for story
ballets and combined this with his unusual
ability of illustrating contemporary themes in
dance using  the classical idiom.  He has
choreographed more than fifty ballets and
musical productions.  The original version
Zorba, which  premiered at the Arena of
Verona, has been seen in more than thirty
five countries by over three million enthusiastic
spectators. Massine's  undertaking of the  
APASSIONATA-Ovations Tour, an equine
choreographic extravaganza, set new
His works have been in the repertoires of internationally
acclaimed companies such as New York City Ballet, American
Ballet Theater, the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Béjart's Ballet of the
Twentieth Century, and  the Paris Opera Ballet, and have been
performed on the stages of international opera houses from the
Metropolitan Opera House in New York to Teatro alla Scala
(Milan), Teatro la Fenice (Venice),Teatro San Carlo (Naples),
Teatro dell'Opera (Rome), Teatro Carlo San Felice (Genoa),
Teatro Massimo (Palermo), the Royal Opera House at Covent
Garden (London), and the Arena di Verona.

Photo: T.M. Sarno
Lorca Massine is also the heir to Léonide Massine's vast
heritage.  His stagings of his father's ballets have been
performed at the Paris Opera, American Ballet Theater,
the Pennsylvania Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens,
the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Royal Winnepeg Ballet,
the Boston Ballet,  Bavarian State Ballet, Vienna State
Ballet, and in 2005 three works of Léonide Massine
entered the repertoire of the Bolshoi Ballet.
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